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Упражнения для 8 кл.

1. Перепишите предложения из активного залога в пассивный

  1.  Nobody has used this room for ages.
  2. We will give you the keys tomorrow.
  3. Someone is interviewing Dr Johnson at the moment.
  4. By the time I arrived, someone had already opened all your letters.
  5. We usually talk briefly about the problems of the family at dinner time.
2. Заполните пропуски предлогами with, by.
  1. The hall was decorated … pink balloons.
  2. The roof of the church will be repaired … local people.
  3. This material has been already published … Cambridge University Press.
  4. The house was built … money that he had borrowed from the bank.
  5. When the the accident happened, the car was brought … police.
3. Выберите правильный вариант

1. This theatre … (build) over 100 years ago.

a. had been built

b. has been built

c. was built

2. Is your car still for sale? — No. It … already (sell).

a. has been sold

b. had been sold

c. was sold

3. Sometimes mistakes … (make).

a. are made

b. are being made.

c. have been made

4. For the past few days I (work) in Jack’s office, as my own … (decorate).

a. have been working/ is being decorated

b. worked/ decorated

c. am worked/ is being decorated.

5. While my friend … (talk) to me, his wallet .. (steal).

a. was being talked/ was being stolen

b. was talking/ was stolen

c. talked/stole

6. Where is your friend Bob? —  - I don’t know. He … (not/ seen) resently.

a. hasn’t seen

b. didn’t see

c. hasn’t been seen

7. If someone … (report) you to the police, you … (make) to pay a big fine.

a. reports/ will be made

b. will report/ will make

c. is reported/ will be made

8. Professor … ( give) another lecture at the same time next week.

a. will have been given

b. will be given

c. will give

9. Look at the dust in here! It … (look) as if this room (not/clean) … for a month.

a. is looked/ hasn’t cleaned

b. looks/ hasn’t been cleaned

c. has looked/ isn’t cleaned

10. The door … (open) and a young lady … (come in). It should be admitted that the door … (open) by herself.

a. opened/ came in/ was opened

b. was opened/  came in/ was opened

c. opened/ came in/ opened

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