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Олимпиадные задания для 7 класса

Olympiad for the 7th form

  1. Cross out the odd word in each line, paying attention to the vowels.
    1. ear, wear, hear, beer
    2. wild, mind, grind, wilderness
    3. season, meal, meadow, lean
    4. cut, butcher, but, butter
    5. bear, share, ear, air


  1.  Complete the sentences with the correct words.
    1. It happened________our way home.
    A. in
    B. on
    C. for
    D. about
    2. By the time we arrived at the station, the train________.
    A. left
    B. has left
    C. had left
    D. was left
    3. If he lived in the country he_______happier.
    A. was
    B. is
    C. will be
    D. would
    4. When did he arrive_________Moscow?
    A. at
    B. on
    C. in
    D. for
    5. Nobody _________why people walk or talk in their sleep.
    A. know
    B. knows
    C. knew
    D. is knowing
    6. _________that strange man sitting over there?
    A. Whose
    B. Which
    C. Who’s
    D. Who


III. Read the text and choose the only correct answer

The Penny Black

     Before Sir Rowland Hill came up with his idea of a stamp, very few people in England were able to send and receive letters. People couldn’t pay for their letters in advance; it was the people who received the letters who had to pay for them. The postman took the money when he brought the mail.

     Letters were expensive too. At the beginning of the 19th century a letter cost four pence for a distance of seven miles. Over seven miles and under fifteen miles it cost sixpence. At that time a worker earned four pence a day.

     In 1837 Sir Rowland Hill, a school master, published a pamphlet called “Post Office Reform”. The main ideas of the pamphlet were: “Letters shouldn’t be so expensive. The price of a letter shouldn’t be more than one penny. Everybody should be able to send letters.That’s how Sir Rowland Hill invented the first official stamp in the world and became the father of modern post office.

The stamp is called the Penny Black because it cost one penny, had a watermark of a small crown and was black in colour.


1.Who was able to send and receive letters before appearing of a stamp?

a) a lot of people              

b) very few people                 

c) nobody was able

2. How much did a letter for a distance of nine miles cost?

a) four pence                     

b) five pence                 

c)six pence

3 Who had to pay for the letters?

a) the people who sent them                

b) the people who received them

c) the postman

4. What were the main ideas of Sir Rowland Hill?

a) everybody should be able to send letters  

b) everybody should send letters

c) everybody should pay for the letters

5. Why was the first stamp called the Penny Black?

a) Penny Black invented it         

b) there is a picture of Penny Black on it

c)it cost one penny and was black

                IV. Choose the correct translation
1. .Муж моей сестры программист.

a. Husband’s my sister is a computer expert.

b. My sister husband is a computer expert.

c. My sister’s husband is a computer expert.

  1.  В холодильнике немного сыра, зато много помидоров.

a. In the fridge not many cheese but many tomatoes.

b. There are not many cheese but many tomatoes in the fridge.

c. There isn’t much cheese but there are many tomatoes in the fridge.

3. I eat chocolates while my boyfriend reads novels to me.

a. Я ем шоколадные конфеты, а мой друг читает мне романы.

b. Я покупаю шоколад, а мой друг романы для чтения.

c. Я ем шоколад, а мой друг читает мне нотации за это.

4. Children leave school when they are sixteen or eighteen.

a. Дети живут в школе до шестнадцати или восемнадцати.

b. Дети заканчивают школу в шестнадцать или восемнадцать лет.

c. Дети посещают школу, когда им шестнадцать или восемнадцать.

5. I’m looking for my glasses.

a. Я смотрю в мои очки.

b. Я осматриваю мои очки.

c. Я ищу свои очки.

6. A woman helps me with the housework and the cooking.

a. Женщина помогает мне делать уроки и кормит меня.

b. Женщина помогает мне по дому и готовит еду.

c. Женщина просит меня помочь ей убрать дом и сварить еду.

7. I usually stay at a friend’s flat.

a. Я всегда жду друга у его квартиры.

b. Я обычно стою у друга в квартире.

c. Я обычно останавливаюсь в квартире одного из моих друзей.

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