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Школьный этап олимпиады по английскому языку для 7 класса
Задание состоит из 3 разделов:
Максимальный балл – 23
23-21 балл       оценка     5
14-20                                 4
6-13                                   3
5                                        2 
Задание 1А. Грамматика (15м)
Time: 10 minutes 
Вставьте артикли the,a, или -
The Mekong River, (1) ________ tenth largest river in (2) _________ world, has it origins in Tibet. (3) ________ first two thousand kilometres of (4) ________ river is in Chinese territory. It then flows 2,400 km through Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia before entering (5) ________ South China Sea through (6) _______ huge delta in southern Vietnam sometimes called 'the nine-tailed dragon'. This area is known as (7) _______ Lower Mekong Basin. Hardly anywhere in (8) ________ world do more people depend on (9) ________ single river than in this region. Fifty million people live here and more than 80% of these are directly dependent on (10) ________ river through (11) ________ fisheries and (12) ________ agriculture
Задание В 2. Чтение (20 м)
Мany people think rap is all about drugs and violence, but think again and listen to Speech. This rapper wants to talk about real life, but he has an original idea — he wants to be positive. Speech (real name Todd Thomas) grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where his parents published a newspaper.
   He moved south to Atlanta, Georgia, to study at the Art Institute there, but he got involved in dangerous activities. Speech soon realized this was not the life for him and formed a rap group to make music his own way.
This became the award-winning rap group,   Arrested Development, and since 1992 Speech has been rapping about positive values, singing to make the world a better place.
In 1996 Speech went solo. On Speech's latest solo CD, Spiritual People, he has songs called The Simple Love of Life and Livin' in the Real World. These days Speech is even more interested in rapping about family life, saying “ I have two kids, and I am married”
1.What kind of music does Speech play?                                             a) pop b) rock c) rap
2.What does he sing about?
a)drugs b) positive values c) violence
         3.What happened to him when he was young?
a)He used drugs, b) He understood what to do in life, c) His life was in danger.
4.Where do his lyrics come from?
a) from his experience b) from Atlanta c) from his friends
5.How did he start his career?
a)He sang solo, b) He sang in a band, c) He recorded his first CD
         А 1
       А 2
       А 3
       А 4
       А 5
Задание 3. Письмо (20 м)
Прочитайте отрывок из письма Тома, напишите ответ и ответьте на его вопросы. Соблюдайте правила написания письма.
………I spent this summer in the country. It’s really great to have a rest in the forest. I swam, played outdoor games, picked berries, gathered mushrooms and made jam. And what about you? Where did you spend your summer? Have you made new friends?......
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