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Упражнения для 8 кл.
Контрольная работа (8 класс)
I вариант
1. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо
This is ... tree. ... tree is green. 2. I can see three ... boys. ... boys are playing. 3. I have ... bicycle. ... bicycle is black. My ... friend has no ... bicycle. 4. Our ... room is large. 5. We wrote ... dictation yesterday. ... dictation was long. 6. She has two ... daughters and one ... son. Her ... son is ... pupil. 7. My ... brother's ... friend has no ... dog. 8. This ... pencil is broken. Give me that ... pencil, please. 9. She has ... ball. ... ball is ... big. 10. I got ... letter from my ... friend yesterday. ... letter was interesting. 11. What's ... weather like today? — ... weather is fine. 12. ... sun is yellow. 13. ... sky is grey today. 14. ... earth is ... planet. 15. We had ... English lesson yesterday. ... teacher asked me many ... questions. ... questions were difficult. 16. Where is your ... brother? — He is at ... home. He is in his ... room. He is sitting at ... table. He is doing his ... homework. ... homework is difficult. 17. Our ... cat is sitting on ... sofa. 18. It is very dark in ... room. Turn on ... light, please. 19. Nick went into ... bathroom, turned on ... water and washed his ... hands.

2. Вставьте  much, many. little, few, a few. a little.
1. There is so ... snow on the roof. 2. He has ... English books. 3. There are too ... flowers in this vase. Take ... for your wife. 4. Give me ... butter, please. 5. Pass me the jug, please. There is too ... milk in my coffee. 6. There are very ... pies on the plate. Take ... for your children. 7. Now there is quite ... water in the river. 8. Look! There are so ... people on the ice! 9. Open the window! There is so ... air in the room. 10. I have very ... books. You may take ... of them. 11. Give me ... cheese, please. 12. I can't drink this tea. There is too ... sugar in it.

3. Поставьте правильную форму глагола в Present Perfect Simple или Present Perfect Continuous.

1.          - Hi, Mark! I (not/see) you for ages.
 - Hi. I (work) quite hard as usual. How about you?
 - Great. I (look) around for a new flat, but I (not/find) one yet.
 - What’s wrong with your old one?
 - It’s OK. But I (just/get) a new job and it’s on the other side of town. By the way, you (finish) that book I gave you last month?
 - I (not/have) time, I was very busy. I (start) it but I’ve only got as far as the first chapter.
 - What you (do) since I last saw you?
 - I (prepare) for exams, of course. I (take) maths I’ve still got physics and chemistry to go.
 - How did the maths exam go?
 - I think I (pass) it. We’ll see.
2.            1. Mary has been working/ has worked/ worked overtime since/ for the last month, so they will have enough money.
It’s a long time since/ for I have seen/ saw/ have been seeing your brother Paul.
He has been/ was/ has been being strange ever since he has had/ had/ has been having the accident.
He has been living/ lives/ has lived in this town since/for 1980.
Sue is listening/ was listening/ has been listening to music since/for she bought a CD player.
You look very guilty! What did you do/ have you been doing/ have you done?
How many books have you collected/ have been collecting/ collected for a year?

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